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  1. Investment Purpose: What is your primary goal for investing in an off-the-plan property in Greece (e.g., vacation home, rental income, long-term investment)?
  2. Location Preference: Do you have specific regions or cities in Greece where you prefer to invest?
  3. Property Type: What type of property are you interested in (e.g., apartment, villa, commercial space)?
  4. Budget: What is your budget range for this investment?
  5. Financing Needs: Will you require financing or mortgage assistance for this investment?
  6. Completion Timeline: What is your expected timeline for the property completion?
  7. Amenities and Features: Are there specific amenities or features you are looking for in the property?
  8. Risk Assessment: How do you view the risks associated with off-the-plan investments?
  9. Legal and Tax Knowledge: How familiar are you with the legal and tax implications of buying property in Greece?
  10. Post-Completion Plans: Do you plan to live in, rent out, or sell the property after completion?