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  1. Investment Goals: What are your primary objectives for investing in an off-plan property (e.g., capital growth, rental income, vacation home)?
  2. Experience with Off-Plan Investments: Have you previously invested in off-plan properties? If so, please share your experience.
  3. Preferred Location: Which locations are you considering for your off-plan investment and why?
  4. Budget Range: What is your budget range for this investment?
  5. Property Type Preferences: What type of property are you interested in (e.g., apartment, villa, commercial space)?
  6. Timeframe for Investment: What is your preferred timeframe for the completion of the property?
  7. Risk Assessment: How do you assess and manage risks associated with off-plan investments?
  8. Financing: Will you require financing for this investment, and if so, what would be your preferred financing method?
  9. Features and Amenities: What specific features or amenities are you looking for in an off-plan property?
  10. Long-Term Plans: What are your long-term plans for the property (e.g., sell after completion, rent out, personal use)?
  11. Risk Tolerance: How would you describe your risk tolerance when it comes to property investment?
  12. Investment Horizon: What is your expected investment timeline for the off-plan property?
  13. Market Research: Have you conducted any research on the current real estate market trends in your area of interest?
  14. Developer Reputation: How important is the reputation and track record of the property developer to you?
  15. Financial Planning: Do you have a financial plan in place for this investment, including contingency for delays or changes in market conditions?
  16. Legal Considerations: Are you aware of the legal aspects and obligations involved in off-plan property investments?
  17. Exit Strategy: Do you have an exit strategy for your investment?
  18. Specific Requirements: Are there any specific features or requirements you are looking for in the property (e.g., sustainability features, technology integration)?
  19. Post-Completion Plans: Once the property is completed, do you plan to sell it, rent it out, or use it personally?
  20. Support and Advice: What kind of support or advice do you expect from a real estate advisor or agent in an off-plan property investment?
  21. Location Priorities: What are your top priorities when it comes to the location of the off-plan property (e.g., proximity to amenities, schools, transport links)?
  22. Potential for Appreciation: What are your expectations regarding the potential for value appreciation of the property?
  23. Size and Layout Preferences: Do you have specific preferences for the size and layout of the property?
  24. Community and Neighborhood: How important are the community and neighborhood surrounding the property to you?
  25. Management and Maintenance: What are your plans for the management and maintenance of the property once it’s completed?
  26. Financing Options: Are you interested in exploring different financing options for the off-plan investment?
  27. Market Fluctuations: How prepared are you to handle potential market fluctuations during the development phase?
  28. Customization Options: Are you interested in customization options for the property during the development phase?
  29. Resale Value: How important is the potential resale value of the property to you?
  30. Customer Service and Communication: What are your expectations regarding customer service and communication from the developer during the investment period?
  31. Sustainability Features: Are eco-friendly and sustainable features important to you in the property design?
  32. Payment Plan Flexibility: How important is flexibility in payment plans offered by the developer?
  33. Future Developments: Are you concerned about future developments in the area where the off-plan property is located?
  34. Investment Diversification: Is this investment part of a broader strategy to diversify your portfolio?
  35. Previous Investment Experience: Do you have previous experience with real estate investments, particularly in off-plan properties?
  36. Market Analysis: How do you assess the potential growth of the real estate market in the chosen area?
  37. Property Handover: What are your expectations regarding the handover process from the developer?
  38. Insurance and Guarantees: What are your expectations regarding insurance and guarantees for the property during the construction phase?
  39. Personal Visit Expectations: Do you plan to visit the site during the construction phase?
  40. Feedback and Reviews: How much does feedback or reviews about the developer or the project influence your decision to invest?
  41. Timeline Sensitivity: How sensitive are your plans or finances to potential construction delays?
  42. Property Re-Sale Strategy: If considering re-selling the property in the future, what timeline and market conditions would you be looking for?
  43. Local Economy: How much does the current state of the local economy influence your decision to invest in a specific area?
  44. Additional Costs: Are you aware of and prepared for additional costs that may arise during the construction phase?
  45. Legal Representation: Do you plan to engage legal services for the purchase and contract review process?
  46. Cultural and Community Aspects: How important are cultural and community aspects of the property’s location to you?
  47. Lifestyle Considerations: Are there lifestyle factors (like leisure activities, climate, cultural scene) influencing your decision?
  48. Developer’s Financial Stability: How important is the financial stability and market history of the property developer to you?
  49. Overseas Investment Experience: If you are an overseas investor, do you have previous experience in dealing with property investments in a foreign country?
  50. Long-term Vision for the Property: What is your long-term vision or plan for this off-plan property investment?
  51. Design Preferences: Are there specific architectural designs or styles you prefer for the off-plan property?
  52. Community Amenities: How important are amenities like gyms, parks, pools, or community centers in your decision-making process?
  53. Rental Market Analysis: Have you researched the rental market potential in the area of your prospective property?
  54. Interest in Joint Investments: Would you consider joint investments or co-owning the property with other investors?
  55. Currency Fluctuations: As an investor, how do you plan to manage potential currency fluctuations during the investment period?
  56. Market Exit Strategy: In case of market downturns, do you have a strategy for exiting your investment?
  57. Distance Management: If you are investing from afar, how do you plan to manage and oversee the property development?
  58. Involvement in Decision Making: How involved do you wish to be in decision-making processes during the development phase?
  59. Networking with Other Investors: Are you interested in networking opportunities with other off-plan property investors?
  60. Awareness of Market Regulations: How familiar are you with the local real estate regulations and laws in the area of investment?
  61. Family Considerations: How do family considerations (e.g., schools, safety, community environment) influence your choice of investment?
  62. Investor Networking Opportunities: Would you be interested in investor networking opportunities to share insights and experiences?
  63. Property Customization: How much customization do you expect or require in the property’s design and features?
  64. Economic Stability: How do you perceive the economic stability of the area where the property is located?
  65. Government Policies: How do government policies in the property’s location influence your decision to invest?
  66. Secondary Market Opportunities: Are you considering opportunities in the secondary market post-completion?
  67. Technology Integration: Is smart home technology or high-tech integration in the property a priority for you?
  68. Property Management Services: Will you require property management services post-completion?
  69. Investment Advisory Services: Are you interested in ongoing investment advisory services?
  70. Feedback Mechanism: How important is having a direct feedback mechanism with the developer during the construction phase?
  71. Cultural and Historic Significance: Does the cultural or historic significance of the area play a role in your decision-making process?
  72. Accessibility and Connectivity: How important are accessibility and connectivity (e.g., proximity to airports, highways) to you?
  73. Investment Security Measures: What kind of security measures or guarantees are you looking for in an off-plan investment?
  74. Healthcare Facilities: Are nearby healthcare facilities a consideration for your investment?
  75. Language and Communication: How do language barriers and communication affect your decision to invest in a particular location?
  76. Climate and Environment: Does the local climate or environment influence your decision to invest in a specific region?
  77. Social and Cultural Amenities: How much weight do you give to social and cultural amenities in the area?
  78. Potential Legal Challenges: Are you prepared to navigate potential legal challenges that may arise during the investment process?
  79. Investor’s Community Engagement: Are opportunities for community engagement and social integration important to you?
  80. Future Development Plans: How do future development plans in the area impact your investment decision?


  1. Investment Purpose: What is your primary goal for investing in an off-the-plan property in Greece (e.g., vacation home, rental income, long-term investment)?
  2. Location Preference: Do you have specific regions or cities in Greece where you prefer to invest?
  3. Property Type: What type of property are you interested in (e.g., apartment, villa, commercial space)?
  4. Budget: What is your budget range for this investment?
  5. Financing Needs: Will you require financing or mortgage assistance for this investment?
  6. Completion Timeline: What is your expected timeline for the property completion?
  7. Amenities and Features: Are there specific amenities or features you are looking for in the property?
  8. Risk Assessment: How do you view the risks associated with off-the-plan investments?
  9. Legal and Tax Knowledge: How familiar are you with the legal and tax implications of buying property in Greece?
  10. Post-Completion Plans: Do you plan to live in, rent out, or sell the property after completion?